Greeny Phatom

The show's logo from 1996.

Greeny Phatom is a TV show created by Robert Stainton and it was first aired in 1996. Then, it got cancelled in 2004. In 2009, the show was posted on YouTube. However, there are 2 shows based on the creation. The one that was currently aired on YouTube, and then the other made by Mall Peanuts Television in 2009. Today, the franchise was still continuing in a complete sucess. All episodes will be on TV and YouTube in the near future.


Greeny Phatom was began in 1991 at Sony Pictures Development. The animators decided to create the characters and have their names based on Robert Stainton's creation. Then, the animators would want to call the guy with the pink shirt and pink pants "Big Guy". In the final version, they removed the white for the eyes and maked it "Little Guy". Another character would want to appear in the animation process. Just like Little Guy, the white from the eyes were removed and called him "Dr. Beanson". Another one of his ideas was to make Geo's World, Gree City and Teen Town. Today, many episodes around the world has been aired on TV.

Television rights for Mall PeanutsEdit

In 2007, The Mall Peanuts Company acquired the rights to the show and then making it the only TV show aired in 2013 on The Mitchell Beausejour Channel, The Greeny Channel, The Mitchy B Greeny Channel (a sister channel) and The Super Duper Desenville. It also notices as a starting point. Everything that has Little Guy Insanity stuff is inappropriate for TV stations.